Album Review: STATIK KXNG

Statik Selektah and KXNG Crooked join forces

On February 12, STATIK KXNG, a rapper-producer duo formed by Statik Selektah and KXNG Crooked, dropped their self-titled collaboration.

KXNG Crooked becomes the third of the four Slaughterhouse members to collaborate with one producer on an entire album; the others being Joell Ortiz with !llmind in 2015 on the album Human, and Royce da 5’9″ with legendary producer DJ Premier in 2014 on one of 2014’s best hip hop albums, PRhyme. Statik Selektah, having a number of collaborations and production credits under his belt, has established himself as one of contemporary hip-hop’s most solid producers, and with KXNG Crooked, like with the other members of Slaughterhouse, you know you’re going to get solid lyrical content.

Although it is not quite at the level of PRhyme, STATIK KXNG is a sound album with plenty of highlights. KXNG Crooked raps with aggression and purpose while lyrically asserting himself on top of some really smooth production from Statik Selektah. On the song “Magic & Bird,” Crooked raps with a chip on his shoulder as he boldly equates the STATIK KXNG duo’s exellence to that of NBA legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird: “Statik don’t miss with the beats and I’m magic with words / We going to the Hall of Fame…” On the song “Lost a Fan,” Crooked dives into some conscious, socially critical themes over a beautiful beat highlighted with a high pitched vocal melody and turntable scratches. Other  highlights, such as “Dead or in Jail” and “Stop Playing,” find each artist utilizing their strengths and combining to form a very complementary, very enjoyable sound, a feat few rapper-producer duos can accomplish successfully.

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