Album Spotlight: Aminé – ONEPOINTFIVE

The 2017 XXL Freshman drops his 'EPLPMixtapeAlbum'

On August 15, Portland rapper and 2017 XXL Freshman Aminé dropped his  “EPLPMixtapeAlbum”, ONEPOINTFIVE. The follow-up to his 2017 debut album Good For You offers 13 new tracks and clocks in at about 35 minutes, with features from Rico Nasty, G Herbo, and Gunna.

In contrast to his debut, ONEPOINTFIVE feels a little darker in instrumentation and overall tone, as the project favors more minimal, trap-inspired production. And while songs like “REEL IT IN,” “BLACKJACK,” “DAPPERDAN,” and “SUGARPARENTS”  indulge in braggadocio and grandstanding, there are also few fascinating moments of honesty and introspection on the album, such as “DR. WHOEVER” and “TOGETHER”:

The opener, “DR. WHOEVER,” is a so-called “therapy session” between Aminé and the listener in which he opens up about suicidal thoughts (“Man, I’ve thought about suicide a hundred times”), depression (“Birthdays these days be the worst days / Cause I know I’m getting older and not happier”) and his newfound fame affecting his love life (“And after we fuck, she want a picture with me / She got me feeling like Paper Boi, but I cry when she leaves”). And on the closer, Aminé laments a failed relationship with a girl (“I truly miss when you and me were only friends / When it was just innocent, and we ain’t have a past”) and dreams of a future together (“I don’t wanna be at your wedding / I wanna be in your wedding”).

With moments like these, as well as hilarious narration throughout the project from YouTuber Rickey Thompson, ONEPOINTFIVE is a solid offering that will surely hold fans over until his legitimate sophomore album.


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