Album Spotlight: Ojerime – 4U

The London songstress drops a flavorful EP

Back in June, south-London artist Ojerime dropped her third EP 4U, a collection of music she had been working on over the course of the 2 years since her last EP, fang2001.

Ojerime’s vocalization is a sonic ode to some of the ’90’s R&B topliners, such as SWV, whom she’s stated is one of her biggest inspirations. The London singer employs all the vocal and lyrical tropes of classic ’90s R&B songs that admirers know and love: smooth vocals, layered melodies, and, most notably, sultry lyricism.

It’s through her songwriting, Ojerime flaunts eroticism: on one of the standout tracks “Greasy”, the U.K. songstress recounts “Sneaking out on the weekend” to spite an unfaithful lover; “Handle” has Ojerime boasting to her lover, asking him “Can you handle all this flavour that I’m giving you?” And on “Clingy”, she laments the distance that’s keeping her from late-night activities.

What Ojerime does so well on 4U is modernizing and personalizing her influences. Her ’90s-esque vocals are often heard crooning over a much darker, moodier backdrop, and many of the songs feature the gloomy synth work of alternative R&B and the crispy snares & multi-metric high hats of trap music, which work to add to the overall sensual midnight vibe of the project.

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