Album Spotlight: April + VISTA – You Are Here

The DMV-based, genre-bending duo released their 3rd project

I pressed play on a song — “Little Things” — and I perked up as my ears were greeted with the tones of soft keys and subtle string plucks. Within seconds, the air was filled with the symphonic sounds of a string section, and a voice — a beautiful voice, harmonizing alongside it. It was like I was transported into a euphoria — and that was only the first song, barely even 50 seconds into the project.

I wondered to myself, “How am I only now hearing about these artists?”

These gorgeous sounds are the product of the DMV-based, “genre-bending duo” April + VISTA, made up of multi-instrumentalist April George and producer MattVISTA. On their third EP, You Are Here, April and VISTA combine lyrical/instrumental elements from across a spectrum of musical influences — like classical, hip-hop, drum and bass, indie, R&B, and soul. April, with her soothing voice, often sings about themes such as love and the dynamics of human relationships in the form of lovely poems and candid proverbs, which transform into blissful soundscapes on top of VISTA’s rich production. It’s plain to see — scratch that, hear — that April + VISTA are creating something special here.

You can check it out below.

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