Review: Mick Jenkins Doesn’t Mince Words on “What Am I To Do”

The Chicago poet takes aim at crooked cops and politicians on his latest single

Jayson Mick Jenkins, or as most people know him, Mick Jenkins, has been one of my favorite lyricists for the better part of the past four years. Sporting a poetical flow, Jenkins resides in the upper echelon of distinguished new-school rhymers — an esteemed class that includes the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, and Joey Bada$$.

A few days ago, Mick dropped the Kaytranada-produced single “What Am I To Do,” and he recently appeared on Colors to perform the single live.

Jenkins begins his verse with the line, “Ali jabbin’, them shits feel like hooks,” and he doesn’t mince words as he takes aim at crooked politicians (“The more these politicians sound like crooks, they give me sloppy looks”), brutal cops (“What’s a nigga to do? / Cuz be screaming ‘Black!’ but they’ll beat me to blue”) and anyone else in his line of vision over the Canadian producer’s sample-driven beat. Jenkins puts his social awareness and “Etch-A-Sketch flows” on display for the umpteenth time, further cementing his status as one of, if not the best, contemporary poets hip-hop has.

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