EP Spotlight: “II” by Lucky Daye

New Orleans singer Lucky Daye drops the second installment of his upcoming debut album

So many talented artists have stepped up in recent years to grab the reigns of contemporary R&B, and Lucky Daye seems poised to join the group. He first made headlines late last year with the release of his debut EP I, which was supposed to be the first installment of his RCA Records debut. The EP featured standout song “Roll Some Mo,” which increased Daye’s profile and raised antennas around the musicsphere.

The four-track second installment, II, is highlighted by the single “Karma,” which he released in January. “Karma,” as well as “Real Games,” are catchy tunes that put a modern twist on funk-era nostalgia. In addition, “Paint It” is reminiscent of the kind of vocal pitch shifts employed by Frank Ocean, an artist that clearly serves as a source of inspiration for Daye.

The New Orleans singer’s second official project is short but sweet, and continues to increase the hype building around his imminent debut album.

Enjoy II below.

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