R&B Album Spotlight: Kyle Dion, Tay Iwar, Cautious Clay, Phonte, Pink Sweat$

From rising stars to an established name, R&B has shown out the past few weeks

The past few weeks have blessed us with some great music, especially in the realm of R&B. Here’s a quick spotlight of some of the projects you ought to listen to:

Kyle Dion – Suga

I’m a little late to the Kyle Dion party, but his latest album Suga is quite the invitation. Stunning vocals and sweet instrumentation abound on a project I expect to make my list at year’s end.

Favorite song: “Cherry Blossom”

Tay Iwar – Gemini

If you know me, you know I’m always down to support a fellow Naija 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬. Tay Iwar came up on my radar through Soulection, with whom he recently dropped his debut album. With Gemini, you’re getting an enjoyable dose of R&B and Afro-fusion from a young, rising R&B talent.

Favorite song: “Sidelines”

Cautious Clay – Table of Context

Brooklyn singer Cautious Clay is another singer that I’ve only recently become acquainted with. So it was with great pleasure that my introduction to his music was Table of Context, an EP in which he explores “the notions of purpose and happiness.”

Favorite song: “Saturday Morning Cartoons”

Phonte – Pacific Time

Fresh off of dropping one of 2018’s best albums, crossover legend and The Foreign Exchange’s frontman Phonte decided last week to release a short-but-sweet little R&B EP titled Pacific Time.

Favorite song: “Can We”

Pink Sweat$ – Volume 2

Pink Sweat$ fledgling career surged last year, with his single “Honesty” accumulating tens of millions of streams. He returned this past week with more stripped-back, acoustic guitar-led ballads on his latest EP, Volume 2.

Favorite song: “I Know”

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