Review: “Press” by Cardi B

Cardi B has been pretty vocal over the past couple of years about her aversion to the her newfound fame and the microscopic eye of the public, which she probably didn’t anticipate when she signed up to be a platinum-selling popstar. If you look at it from her perspective, it’s pretty easy to see why she’s not be the biggest fan of the press: she’s been critical of the wall-to-wall coverage of her relationship with Migos member Offset, the tabloids that use her name for clickbait, the people who try to pit her against other members of the industry, and publications who frequently criticize her missteps. (Of course, that’s not to say that she doesn’t play a part in the drama that often surrounds her name.)

“Press,” however, doesn’t do a whole lot to unpack or dive deeper into this interesting chasm that’s formed between her and the press; instead, Cardi B’s latest single ends up being just a passable song, in which the Bronx rapper engages in generic showboating and braggadocio — which she executes pretty well but has undoubtedly performed much more excitably on past songs, such as “Money.” And even though the hook still absolutely BANGS, and despite the fact that this will go over pretty well during live performances, “Press,” on the whole, ends up not going quite as hard as the social media snippets made us believe it would be.

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