Review: ‘The Best In The World Pack’ by Drake

When you think of Drake’s most anthemic moments, what comes to mind? Perhaps you recall songs like “Over,” “Headlines,” “Started From the Bottom,” and “Trophies.” Indeed, Drake has often been the soundtrack to some of our most “Hype” moments.

For the city of Toronto, and the entire country of Canada by extension, no moment could’ve been more hype than a week ago today, when the Toronto Raptors secured their very first NBA Finals Championship in the team’s history. Just about everyone knew that Drake, who is the team’s global ambassador and the Raptor’s most visible and emotive fan, would have to deliver a track if the Raptor’s secured victory. After all, what is more worthy of an anthemic moment than your hometown team winning for the first time?

Once the first night of celebration concluded, eyes turned towards the 6 God to deliver a banger to encapsulate the atmosphere in Toronto. Unfortunately, what he delivered — “Omertà” and “Money In The Grave,” which he’s called The Best In The World Pack — fails to do that.

“Omertà” is another installment in Drake’s growing catalog of “all bars, no hooks” songs, which typically tend to be Drake’s most lyrical, introspective, and all-around musically elite moments (think “The Calm,” “Tuscan Leather,” and “6PM in New York”). And this song, like the others, has its fair share of excellent lines (“I’m buying the building of every door that closed on me“), and the instrumental is serviceable. But I can’t help but feel like this is just a slightly more drab rehash of his 2018 song “Diplomatic Immunity.” Where’s the anthemic lyrics, like from “Started From the Bottom”? Where’s the glorious instrumental, like on “Trophies”?

And while “Money In The Grave” (feat. Rick Ross) is definitely the more rousing, catchy, radio-friendly song, Drake and Ross don’t strike gold like they did in 2011 on “Lord Knows.” It’s a moody trap banger that sounds like it could be a solid album cut in the first half of Scorpion. But does it make you feel like you just won a championship, the way that, say, “Trophies” does? Not really.

Both “Omertà” and “Money In The Grave” sound less like world champions, and more like a 6th or 7th seed that got bounced in the first round.

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  1. I agree with you. The songs don’t quite fit the celebrations.

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