EP Spotlight: ‘Be Runway’ by Bree Runway

This EP boasts some of the most catchy, fun, experimental pop music you'll hear all year.

Having released the excellent single “2On” this past May – which is easily one of the best songs, regardless of genre, that i’ve heard all year – British singer/rapper Bree Runway thoroughly grabbed my attention, and I was looking forward to hearing what she would deliver on the project that she was teasing.

That project, Be Runway – which is Runway’s first project on a major label and the first collection of music she’s released in nearly three years – is a short, 5-song extended play, but it boasts some of the most experimental, catchy, fun, and energetic pop music you’ll probably hear all year. This EP succeeds in avoiding some of the pitfalls that plague contemporary pop music, which can sometimes feel either too formulaic or feel like its trying too hard to be something it isn’t; rather, Be Runway gives listeners an authentic picture of who Bree Runway is – vibrant, quirky, confident – and, most importantly, it is incredibly captivating for nearly the entire 14-minute runtime. The project’s brevity might be its only real downside, since it means we’ll have to wait just a tad longer for a full-length body of work.

Listen to Be Runway below and enjoy!

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