Album Spotlight: ‘May the Lord Watch’ by Little Brother

Little Brother, which consists of Phonte and Big Pooh, is one hip-hop’s beloved groups, and even though I wasn’t not old enough to have grown up on their early work, I certainly am familiar with the work of Phonte and Big Pooh and respect their place in hip-hop (No News is Good News was actually one of our Top 50 albums of 2018).

After nearly a decade hiatus, with both artists seemingly working on their own separate careers, Little Brother dropped May the Lord Watch, on August 20th. It was a surprise release…and a welcome one, at that.

This album is certainly grown-man rap at its finest, as Phonte and Big Pooh, who are both about 40 years of age and have been in the game for over two decades, reflect on their careers, their place in hip-hop, their significant others and families, the resilience of Black people, etc. There’s a lot of insightful commentary, nostalgia, humor (by way of hilarious skits and interludes), and great production (thanks largely to Jamla producer Khrysis), as well as the elite lyricism we’ve all come to expect from both Phonte and Pooh.

Listen to May the Lord Watch and enjoy!

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