EP Spotlight: ‘New Views’ by JessB

If you aren’t privy to the music of JessB, then now’s as good a time as any to catch up.

I myself only discovered the New Zealand rapper a little while ago while doing some digital artist discovery. I clicked Play and, needless to say, I really enjoyed what I heard.

What’s apparent, having listened to some of her early loosies as well as her debut 2018 EP, Bloom, is that she has a captivating sense of confidence, as well as an affinity for bassy, percussion-heavy rhythms. This is apparent on songs like “Set It Off,” but this also rings true even more so on her most recent project, New Views.

New Views, which was released on August 9, further showcases the lyrical prowess that JessB shows on her earlier work, but with even more refinement and maturity. Whether she’s displaying more moments of vulnerability, like on “So Low,” or detailing different aspects of her own personal growth, like on “New Era,” JessB sounds like she’s coming into her own. She’s expanded her artistic range while sounding incredibly self-assured and showing an invigorated sense of self-worth. I’m looking forward to her first full-length project.

Listen to New Views below and enjoy!

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