Album Spotlight: ‘Love and Compromise’ by Mahalia

I remember my first time discovering Mahalia Burkmar was a couple of years ago, when I came across her live Colors performance of her single “Sober” — a performance which currently has over 30 million views on YouTube. Beyond her beautiful smile, it was her incredibly breezy style of r&b/neo-soul that almost instantly won me over.

Mahalia’s latest album Love and Compromise , a title inspired by Eartha Kitt’s legendary quotes about love and compromise, appears to be the next phase of her artistic evolution. From the minimal Ed Sheeran-inspired guitar balladry on her 2016 album Diary of Me, to the smooth, vibey sound of the aforementioned “Sober” and the stripped back R&B of her “Seasons” EP, the British singer has settled herself somewhere between the bounds of pop and neo-soul.

Love and Compromise finds Mahalia dancing back and forth between feelings of relational apathy (“I Wish I Missed My Ex”), jealousy (“He’s Mine”), inadequacy (“What Am I”), and ecstacy (“Consistency”) over a palette of infectious pop-soul tunes. It’s apparent, after originally hearing the singles and now listening to the full body of work, that Mahalia has really found her niche; Love and Compromise is the best music she’s made up to this point.

Listen to Love and Compromise below and enjoy!

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