Taliwhoah – "Sweet Sweet" | YouTube Gems

YouTube recommendations can be a real gold mine when you’re looking for great under-the-radar artists. I remember discovering Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” — which currently has over 60 million views on YouTube — back before she blew up, when it had over 100K views. Similarly, my YouTube recommendations have unearthed a plethora of musical gems over the past few years, many of which I still regularly go back to. So I figured I would create space to promote some of these talented up-and-coming artists whose music deserves a spot in your playlists.

Please enjoy the vibrant, Afro-Caribbean vibes of the song “Sweet Sweet” from British singer Taliwhoah.

A little about Taliwhoah:

  • Name: Talitha Cross
  • She was born in London to a Nigerian-Lebanese mother and Jamaican father.
  • She’s got a musical family: her mother and aunt were members of the Euro-Caribbean vocal group Boney M.
  • She moved to Seattle at the age of 13.
  • She used songwriting as a survival tactic during a period of homelessness.
  • She returned to London in 2014 and recorded her first EP, Melodies & Madness.
  • She signed to Rostrum Records in 2017 and dropped her debut album Another Dimension this past November. Listen to it here.

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